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Takashi Murakami

Mr. DOB Figurine by Takashi Murakami

The Mr. DOB Figurine by Takashi Murakami is a special limited-edition piece initially released in 2017 at Complexcon. Painted in cast vinyl, this mixed media art figure features signature Murakami designs that are brought to life in a new way. 

Background of this art piece:

In 1993, Japanese bluechip Takashi Murakami created Mr. DOB as an alter ego, a sort of self-portrait. With Mr. DOB, Murakami sought to create an icon, which, while authentically Japanese, would have universal appeal. Mr. DOB has a circular head with two ears; the letter D is inscribed on his left ear and the letter B on the right ear (The face is O-shaped, thus making his name legible). Mr. DOB’s name is an abbreviation of the word “why”, and it is meant to reflect Takashi Murakami’s critical attitude towards the emptiness of consumer society.

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