YEEZY Cleats Jump Over NFL: No Longer a "Banned Substance"

YEEZY Cleats for all! The NFL finally releases some good news in the wake of a depressing 2016, filled with dropped ratings and domestic violence. The highly touted YEEZY Cleats are no longer illegal in the NFL and the game become 10x more fashionable now. 

(Image Via: SneakerNews)

Respect to Denver Bronco star Von Miller for being the pioneer in the YEEZY-gate spectacle after rocking the triple black cleats over the weekend. Others have worn YEEZY's in the past and gotten fined including up to $6,000 each.

Amidst all of this hoopla, let us not forget that earlier YEEZY models have been sported in the past and not just in football. Many may not remember but Seattle-native Nate Robinson paid homage to Chicago's greatest musician when he rocked the Nike Yeezy 2s while on the Bulls. 

(Image Via: Sole Collector)

Fizzm Team
Fizzm Team


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