The Fashion Sense In Wearable Technology

In 2013, wearable technology has become the latest industry trend. From Google Glasses to the Nike Fuel Band, we're seeing the biggest companies in the world invest in the future of wearable tech. But, what about the fashion sense in wearable tech? Will we be seeing Gucci and Prada come out with their own LCD t-shirts? Or maybe Dior with auto-generated cologne spray on garments?

What does this mean for the future of fashion? Will there soon be computer chips tracking us in all of our clothing? As of today, wearable technology doesn't have much of a fashion sense beyond the trendy "geek chic" look, but this will quickly change. As wearable tech slowly integrates within our society, we should start seeing more fashionable options that better complement our looks. 

Yosef Solomon
Yosef Solomon


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