In a world of "normal" and traditional design for eCommerce, we've decided to create a list of our 9 favorite "STYLE" sites in 2017. 


1. RafSimons 

THis is going to be controversial since there's nothing actually being sold on this site, HOWEVER we must applaud the shear excellence in how this design is unlike any other we've seen in this day and age. Raf Simons gives a nod to all designers out there with this authentic take of the elements it takes to create solid season of impeccable design. Our biggest problem with this design is the time it takes to load, but once you hit that broadband super highway, you're off to a great deal of satisfaction. 

2. Jeremy Scott

Do us a favor, play PICK UP THE PHONE by Travis Scott and visit this site. It makes it that much better of an experience. Jeremy Scott mastered the art of the GIF and the moveable models is super iLL. 


LESS IS MORE. Salute the "Master of Minimalism." The retro font is our favorite.

4. Rat & Boa

Talk about amazing images. Whether you like the models, backgrounds or simple boho chic styles offered from this store, this is a favorite in the Fizzm office. Really though, the photos are great and make each product 10x more DOPE. 

5. ACNE Studios

The Stockholm-based fashion house not only delivers beautiful styles and looks in its apparel, but matches their brand aesthetic 1,000% in their cyber representation (or website). Don't believe us, take a look for yourself. 


A refreshingly unique style and character that isn't like any other site we've seen. The mix of editorial fashion collections, random blog posts and the glow-in-the-dark style background gives us a REAL look into what the desk of Mr. Virgil Abloh may look like visually represented as an online boutique. 


A mix of scrapbook, magazine and a well organized inventory of top-luxury products, SSENSE gets a lot on their site right. 

8. Hood By Air

Although no longer cool with ASAP Rocky, Hood By Air continues its tear as one of the favorites for industry insiders and pop icons like RIHANNA. The site starts out with what looks like a strobe-light effect of the logo and then leads into a 3-D esque navigation that is actually quite impressive. If it does one thing well, it's that it merges traditional eCommerce with new wave abstract tech. Also, big fans of this CLOUD movie.


The hottest rapper or singer, whatever you think about Drake, he and his team have done a pretty good job with their OVO Merch site. Although somewhat traditional, the fact that visitors are able to shop different products based on their country is a big differentiator from most artist/label merch sites.

And there you have it world. OUR take on what constitutes the best designs in style for STYLE.