N.E.R.D, Billionaire Boys Club, The Neptunes, BAPE, Moncler, Louis Vuitton, Jay Z... We can go on forever about the brands, people and sounds Pharrell Williams has either built or collaborated with and we still wouldn't wouldn't scratch the surface of his genius. A young renaissance man of 40, Pharrell continues to influence and propel the creative culture forward with his many talents. 

Today, we're spotlighting his recent collaboration with Moncler, the high fashion forward outdoor French apparel company that makes very stylish jackets, vests, wind resistant pullovers and more. The collaboration consists of a dope new collection of shades called "Lunnettes." Dropping September 26th at the new Flagship Moncler store in Paris. The collection was designed by Pharrell and features 3 different Frames. We'll keep you posted on the release and you may just see them on Fizzm!