Private jet travel is becoming one of the largest luxury focused industries of our time. With an unprecedented $150 billion+ US market, the private jet industry is making big strides. In lieu of the 50th anniversary of the Learjet, Forbes created the Top 8 Biggest Trends in Jet Travel. Buckle up:

8. Air Taxi Service

SurfAir is the first online subscription commerce based private jet service that allows members unlimited flights for a monthly fee of $1650.

7. Culinary Infused Jets

Gourmet meals are now becoming a fixture on private jet travel. Even the uber popular top chef Wolfgang-Puck has procured gourmet meals for notable private jet services. 

6. In-flight Entertainment

Movie theaters and surround sound is a real possibilities these days, thanks to modern technology and micro-sized gadgets. 

5. Eco-efficient Jets

The green movement did not leave out private jet travel. Many new plans are going full eco with development of parts and fixutures coming from raw materials. 

4. Pets Fly Private

Humans aren't the only species benefiting from the influx of new private jet travel options. Pets need comfort too and they're definitely getting it. Some new private jets are even equipped with veterinarians and animal hospital supplies. 

3. Custom Jets

Custom jets will definitely be the new wave of private jet personalization and comfort in the years to come. Outfitting your jet with designer leather and custom paint work is already here.

2. Jet Security

Secured hangars has always been an issue with private jets, but since the advent of up-to-the-minute surveillance and smartphones, we're seeing a lot more functional security in this space. 

1. Larger Model Jets

According to U.S. engine and equipment manufacturer Honeywell 10,000 larger private jets will be manufactured at a whopping $250 billion dollars.