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May 15, 2018 2 min read

Let the record show, it's 2018 and luxury streetwear is taking over the world (if it hasn't already). The easy answer to this rhetorical question is Supreme and even though they're by far the biggest by hundreds of millions, KITH and OFF-WHITE are quickly becoming the next up. 

Quality, collaborations, style and comfort can be argued for days, but we'll let you do that in the comments of Hypebeast. The real point of this article is show the growth of luxury streetwear and how we're seeing it change the culture of retail/e-tail. The genuine hype around these brands have made it so, teenagers and college students are turning on their google alerts, skipping out on classes and hiring postmates drivers to stand-in line at these places for the latest drops. That last one isn't actually fact, but probably. 

What does this mean in the future and how can any of these brands reach Amazon status. It's hard to say and none of their business models are really anything like Amazon. It's just fun to compare these companies with the biggest in the land. 

OFF-WHITE has to be our favorite because of the applicability it has on literally everything in the world. The IKEA carpets coming out later this year are just iLL. I mean really, who could make IKEA have the dopest contemporary shelving other than Virgil. Some say the originators, but Supreme lost us with the brick and as much as Goodfellas is probably the best gangster movie of all time, the KITH x Henry Hill x Bergdorf Goodman collaboration looked a little awkward. Christopher from Sopranos was dope though!

All in all, it's good to see this luxury streetwear sector grow and we're glad to be able to be apart of the ride. One day we hope to collaborate with SpaceX and have the first Mars x Fizzm spacesuits available for colonies up there. Only time will tell. 

Sent from laptop, please excuse brevity (we just don't really feel like editing, you'll get the us). 

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