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August 06, 2018 1 min read

The Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker was by far the most popular non-athletic sneaker in 2018. Some may argue OFF-WHITE's offering with Nike or the YEEZY Wave (Runners), but when it came to the chunky sneaker trend, the Triple S to the Triple Crown. 

However, the big question still remains, what will be its 2019 replacement? As the year quickly draws to a close, we're thinking about the first quarter and what's in store for luxury sneakerheads. We'll likely see the usual suspects and so it probably won't change much from 2018, but it's still fun to speculate. 

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To determine what that luxe sneaker will be, we decided to give our take. From the boardroom to the streets, here's what we came up with: 

Fizzm Employee #1: "A-Cold-Wall Steel-Toe Boots to match their protective eyewear."

Fizzm Employee #2: "Anything OFF-WHITE x Nike"

Fizzm Employee #3: "Another Drake's x Nike collab ('since it's checks over stripes' now), but this time not with Jordan

Fizzm Employee #4: "YEEZY, YEEZY, YEEZY, the newest billion-dollar baby!"

Fizzm Employee #5 and #6: (*in unison): "PLEASE DON'T TOUCH MY RAF OZWEEGOS"

Well, looks like we've got a wide-range of opinions and no one really veered off the popular path. Whether Virgil will continue his collab reign, YEEZY hits $2 billi or some new breakout brands come to the forefront, we're all definitely in for some dope treats. 

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