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July 23, 2018

When it comes to marble, Saint Laurent might be at the forefront for "the most aesthetically pleasing." Of course this can be debated, argued and dismissed as just another big name on material goods, but that's actually not the case. Saint Laurent marble is separate from the fashion house that outfits the world's most popular rockstars for the past 100 years. 

The star-studded name might be helpful for marketing purposes, but the Marble on its own could sell itself. A great breakdown of what Saint Laurent Marble was produced by Furrer Carrara:

Saint Laurent marble is a french marble's type, precious and decorative stone on dark background, has a color gradation that goes from brown to intense black, it characterized by white or beige threadlike veinings. Most elegant in his luxurious aspect is mostly udes in modern projects to give an valued effect at interest object.

The question now comes to this: where can you buy Saint Laurent Marble? Lucky for you, we've created a list below where we recommend to check some of this precious stone out: 


Ok, Houzz is probably the only one we'll list because they're the most trustworthy and soon to be partners of ours.. 

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