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February 08, 2019 2 min read

Valentine’s Day, aka the day of grand gestures and hopefully real love, is fast approaching. While it is a day of expressing your genuine admiration for that special someone, it is also the perfect chance to encapsulate  that love with the perfect gift. Let’s just dive right into the best accoutrements (kind of) for him and her that says, “our love is fire!"

When it comes to her, you want to purchase something that makes a statement. A declaration of your love that she carries with her everyday. And what better symbol for that lovethan a luxurious bag? If you want to keep it simple and chic, then the Fendi Crossbody Gold Chain purse is the perfect choice. The beautifully embossed Fendi logos complement the smooth red body surface of the bag. If it's a more casual yet sincere statement that you want to make, then try this Saint Laurent Handbag. This bold red leather purse is great for your girl on any occasion. It’s dressy yet versatile enough to pair with any look; she’ll love it! Another sweet item for the day of love are these fun knee-high Gucci socks. This cute pair interlocks red and pink for the perfectly festive gift. All of these pieces exude the Valentine’s vibes you’re looking for and will for sure place a smile on your girl’s face.


If you’re shopping for the man in your life, it’s all about finding the right gift that intersects sophistication with practicality. Keeping on point with the lush red theme, try surprising your man with the Balenciaga “Tess” sneakers. These ultra comfy shoes are a color-block vision with a flexible sock-like fit complete with the signature black Balenciaga cuff. If your valentine appreciates a more pragmatic gift, try gifting the solid red OFF-WHITE “Backpack.” Its double front-zip pockets create a classic look thats great for the office or just a casual gathering. And if you really want to show your man some love, the Gucci red velvet “Feel” hat is a great choice. Nothing says a seductive, “I love you” more than red velvet.

The gift you give to your special person should represent who they are and how you understand their style. Take a look at our special collection for a great taste of all the love-centric gems. 


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