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October 10, 2019 1 min read

As today's luxury fashion lines continue to dominate, streetwear, celebrity fashion and more, it is sometimes difficult to find those same looks ON SALE. The holiday season is quickly approaching and that means markdowns in every industry. However, the problem for the consumer is the most popular styles of there favorite brands are usually sold-out and extremely hard to find. 

Balenciaga, one of the top five luxury street brands in the world and often most sought after is a prime example. Whether it's their Triple S Sneaker (many of which we've sold-out of) or their hoodies and t-shirts, it's rare to see these items available in your size and even better, on sale. 

That's where we can help you out. Although our store doesn't typically drop prices on the world's most sought after goods, we have some partners that might just be able to help. Please check out the following list of online retailers we recommend for finding Balenciaga on sale: 

Keep in mind, most of these sale items or out of season and limited in size. Another great resource for finding these threads and sneakers for less than market value is on third party thrift shops like Depop and others. 

Best of luck!

PS: Make sure to check out our Balenciaga collection. Most of our pieces aren't on sale, but we do curate some rare looks that we have a feeling you will enjoy :)

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