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March 26, 2019 1 min read

Spring Equinox has arrived faster than you might've thought and we'd like to give you a quick breakdown of the hottest looks in menswear today. Alternative is the theme in the space we're in and these are proof positives: 

The crossbody bag continues to be a high-fashion staple through almost every season. 2018 saw this "trend" breakout and pretty much all luxury streewear lines embraced it. OFF-WHITE, Bally, Valentino and Prada are just a few of our favorite lines that have created some of the most unique crossbody bags. 

Infamous cape ponchos are slowly coming back as they do from time to time. It can be argued they're more of a Fall look, but we're starting to see a lightness in fabric to the new ones that are coming out, which gives you all the more reason to fashion them in the Spring/Summer. For those insistent on the fact that capes shouldn't have armholes... well they do in 2019. 

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