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July 13, 2019 1 min read

Bentley isn't playing any games and wants you to you to know that they'll still be in demand; even as far away as 2035.

A vision into the future would have many of us believing flying cars are inevitable. The cinema introduces this to us over and over again. From Minority Report to Back To The Future, flying cars, pods and more unidentified objects seem to be whizzing through the sky at any given moment. 

However, this isn't the future reality of Bentley. Their 2035 EX 100 GT Concept has car enthusiasts patiently waiting for a gamechanger of infinite proportions. The features are absolutely mind-blowing. The automobile, if we can even call it that anymore will be electric, autonomous (self-driving) and offer up an astounding 1,100 pound feet of torque. 

For more on the 2035 Bentley EX 100 GT Concept, check out the coverage from our friends at dezeen.

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