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December 17, 2018 2 min read

It’s no secret that today’s trendiest looks feature similar aesthetics and tones all heading to reflect a minimalist yet chic style. We see many brands, from Alexander Wang to Fashion Nova, adapting a street style edge that’s now acceptable to wear for almost any occasion. So how does one set themselves apart from the masses? We sat down The Haves Collection,a bi-coastal brand aimed at bringing loungewear and minimalism to life. Our fruitful conversation with the illustrious founder, Xavier Vasquez tackles the story behind their clothes, how they see the future of fashion and what we can expect to see from their upcoming 2019 collections.

Tell us the story of how you started The Haves Collection?
The Haves started back in 2014. I had been interested in creating a brand of my own since I was a young kid but wasn’t able to fully execute until then. Putting together stylish outfits has always been important to me. Self-confidence is a natural trait of mine that’s echoed in my personal style so I started a collection of clothing that embodies my taste and lifestyle. The Havesrefers to stature that one finds through wearing (comfortable) quality clothing. Like the saying, “The Haves versus The Have Nots” but as it pertains to style. 

We’re seeing a lot of new clothing brands pop-up around the world, what makes The Haves standout?
There is an authentic feel to the brand that will draw you in. Having been influenced by coastal city living in Miami and Los Angeles, The Haves provides upscale casual looks with colorways that are rich in color but subtle in their delivery. Our “Mr. Clásico” logo adds a nostalgic feel to a modern look. He represents the determination to achieve and it’s contagious to those who wear the brand.

If you could collaborate with any person, brand or figure in the world right now, who would that be?
Uniqlo would be an amazing collaboration. In the past, I have paired up some of their pieces with ours in blogger style posts. Their focus on comfortable quality garments speaks to our brand culture. Partnering up with a retailer like Nordstrom would also be synergistic to our goals. I always get excited when I’m at a Nordstrom and I find a unique sneaker or piece of clothing. It’s always quality and you tend to feel like it’s one of a kind. I’ve seen that same feeling in our customers when they receive a Haves shirt or hat. They see Mr. Clásico’s face and it’s like Christmas to them.

What are your plans for the future?
I would like to eventually expand our line to offer a Juniors Collection for kids. Additionally, I’d like to explore lifestyle items. Aside from that, growing our online presence and pushing into retail is the direction we are moving in.

Prediction: What will the state of fashion look like in 20 years. 
Functional and minimal. Comfort will always be an important factor. Our brand aims to make timeless pieces so hopefully in 20 years you’ll have a Haves shirt on and maybe you’ll even find Mr. Clásico on your spacesuits someday.




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