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June 25, 2018

A cliché yes, but design is truly everywhere. Day in and day out we see examples of good design, bad design, indifferent design and more.

Design is truly in the eye of the beholder,

therefore it's difficult to say what can be universally appreciated. Thus the idea of filtering the streams of everyday life. 

Whether reading a billboard, flipping through the pages of a magazine or visiting our favorite website, most of us are innately connected with our preference in taste. This in-turn determines what food we eat, the news we watch and the living quarters we inhabit. If we consider design to be 70% or more of what makes up our taste, we can then infer that we are aesthetically attracted to determines our lifestyle. 

What about areas in the world that do not have billboards, access to internet or choices of what to eat? This question cannot be answered succinctly if tried by someone not living day-to-day in those quarters and this piece isn't meant to be a blanket statement on humanity. However, one who has visited these places and seen how daily life is managed can attest to the fact that design does play a role, whether integral or not is left up to opinion. US 728 x 90 MEN SALE 50% SS18

The main goal of this piece is to point out how we control our own design preferences and in-turn it plays out in our everyday lives whether we like it or not. One might have a favorite clothing designer, ours at the moment is the minimalist pieces by Acne Studios, or a restaurant that they favor, an artist the connect with and so on and so on. It all boils down to design as the common theme connecting us with others. 

The importance of filtering everyday streams, to put it in the most trendical sense (trendical is a word that we made up, but fits this piece perfectly), cannot be overstated enough. If you're reading this article, you are probably aware of this importance and it touched on a specific ideal that you've come to understand, but not quite put your finger on. In and of itself, this is a filtered stream of consciousness that has entered your own and thus shifted or questioned your beliefs on design. If so, it has done its job and furthered the idea that design can alter lifestyles.

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