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September 08, 2018

Before you indulge in the joy of shopping, consider a few things. Firstly, consider will your shopping destination provide good value. Are there special offers or seasonal sales, the number of upscale shops, boutiques, department stores and a number of available brands? Furthermore, think about the overall shopping experience – what are the dining and accommodation options at your shopping destination? Is the city attractive for other things to do apart from shopping? In other words, is your destination worth visiting shopping-wise?

If you are a passionate traveler always on the search for new, exotic shopping destinations, check out these three cities that offer the most enjoyable, gratifying shopping experience in terms of value, variety, and shopping options. And they are different from the places you’ve already gone shopping like Paris, Milan or New York.

Seoul, South Korea

In the capital of South Korea, they take shopping seriously. In fact, South Koreans are known for their addiction to shopping. In this country, asking a buyer to pay with cash is technically illegal – all sellers are required by law to accept credit cards regardless of the price of the product.

Seoul is known for its many shopping districts and markets. From luxury department stores to glossy all-night shopping malls, in Seoul, you’ll find anything you can think of. The most notable shopping areas include Cheongdam-dong, Myeong-dong, Hongdae area, and the wholesale markets of Dongdaemun and Namdaemun.

Myeong-dong Shopping District. This fashion district is a favorite destination for both tourists and locals to shop for skincare and cosmetics brands. Every noteworthy Korean skincare and cosmetic brands like Innisfree or Nature Republic has at least one shop in Myeong-Dong. In addition, here you’ll find clothes an all other fashion items in general.

Moreover, a lot of stores in Myeong-dong offer shopping discounts, especially for tourists. Dongdaemun Market. If you prefer all-night shopping, stroll down to Dongdaemun Market. The stores at this district open at 9 pm and stay open until 5 am. The district is split into two sections – wholesale markets and retail stores.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is famous for jewelry and leather products shopping opportunities. One of the most fashionable cities in South America, Buenos Aires will surprise you with its stylish malls and the latest collections of European designers.

In one of the most popular shopping districts, Recoleta, you can indulge in the city’s most stylish shopping. Palermo. In Palermo, the capital’s trendiest district you’ll find the upscale restaurants, chic cafés, and some of Buenos Aires most exclusive shops.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In this emirate and city in the United Arab Emirates, the temperatures are sizzling for most of the year. So, malls are a perfect place to spend time, socialize, and of course, shop. The city is famous for extravagant shopping and astonishing, ultramodern architecture.

Dubai has hundreds of shopping malls. However, some of its most popular malls are Deira City Centre (one of the first big malls in Dubai), the colossal Mall of the Emirates and elegant BurJuman.

Dubai Souks a.k.a. Shopping markets are a great place to shop for souvenirs, spices, perfumes, and jewelry.

Shopping Districts. In recent years, the city has introduced open-air pedestrian shopping districts such as City Walk in Jumeirah and The Beach at JBR. Here you’ll find a selection of exclusive boutiques, casual restaurants, and cinemas.

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