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April 18, 2019 1 min read

The title might be overused, but Audi may actually be on to something in their latest AI:ME concept vehicle dubbed as the "city car of the future." The fully autonomous vehicle features an interior that mimics more feng shui than back to the future. Incorporating ambient lighting, actual vegetation on the roof and what is known as a "noise compensation system (that) completely suppresses the sounds of the city. 

Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2019, this compact electric car is more of a "third living space" then it is a transportation solution. The removal of a traditional engine and replacement with an electric motor, gives this vehicle a much larger interior than meets the eye. 

Audi designer James Nissen had this to say about this brilliant piece of the future: 

"We create a feel-good atmosphere by appealing to all of the users' senses...We use climbing plants across the see-through roof to bring a bit of nature into the big city. Aside from that, they improve the air quality..." 

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