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September 09, 2019 1 min read

The new wave of future shopping is here citing Apple and Burberry as the leaders in what will be known as "R Message." The new technology will allow VIP customers to text Burberry staff in-store about any and everything they want regarding the luxury retailer. Staff will also have easily retrievable information about their best customers, including birthdays, shopping habits and more. 

This week marks the dawn of a new era of shopping for Burberry's high-end clientele, which could potentially change the way we all shop in the future.

- Harpers BAZZAR UK

Some compare "R Message" as a retail specific WhatsApp messenger that will allow direct purchasing options using Apple Pay as well as booking direct appointments for new releases or styling. 

Although these are just the initial stages of the partnership, we may soon see more futuristic features including holographic virtual styling, customizations of outfits and more. 

This isn't the first partnership between Apple and Burberry, the two companies collaborated on a curated channel for iTunes as a Burberry branded music experience.  

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