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April 14, 2019 1 min read

UPDATE (5:30 PM EST): Tiger captures his 5th Masters win in a legendary come-from-behind victory. In what many have already called the biggest comeback of 2019, Soulja Boy was easily dethroned of that title today. 

It's Master's Sunday and Tiger Woods has a chance to recapture his title as the best golfer in the world. Tiger Woods stands at -11, tied for second place right behind the leader Francesco Molinari at -13. Since we're not a sports website, this doesn't really matter much to us, but we have to give credit to Tiger when it comes to upping the fashion game in Golf. 

Here are just a couple signature styles he's influenced in what many refer to as the gentleman's game. 

The Red Shirt

At 21, Tiger was the youngest to ever win a Master's tournament. He did it in his signature red Nike top. A tradition that he dons till this day. 

The Nike Dry-FIT Cap

Popularizing Nike's Dry-FIT technology, Tiger made the sporty cap a signature part of his style and quickly influenced the rest of the golf world. Dad hats might've made a comeback, but Dry-FIT and the like continue to be the go-to sports cap in all professions. 

The Triumphant "Tiger Pose"

Introduced in 2005 after Tiger's 4th and most recent Masters win, this pose could be equivalent to Tiger's Jumpman. Although not a specific fashion look, this pose will definitely go down in history as one of Tiger's most legendary looks. 


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