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September 03, 2018 2 min read

As much as most of us felt that January was the longest month of the year (it actually is technically), August might be right up there next to it. Some will undoubtedly disagree and argue that the Summer just flew by, but in the fashion world, that is rarely the case. 

Fall 2018 is finally upon us and for some that means back to school, work or the start of the upcoming season of fashion weeks. Starting in NYC next week, will be the first major round following London, Milan Paris and more in the months ahead. 

But we're not even going to be discussing that. We're more into now and not Spring/Summer '19. So with that being said, what can we expect to be on the fashion hotlist for this Fall Season? 

For that answer, we look to GQ for the gentlemen and InStyle for the ladies.

And of course for those who don't want to fit in, but actually explore their own unique taste buds, we have some "out-of-the-box" inside the box ideas below: 

Hooded Checkered Scarf by Balenciaga

Kill two birds with one stone in this pretty slick new design from the genius minds at Balenciaga. It's a quick throw-on and can be worn just about anywhere in the world, including those hotter climates with just a t-shirt underneath. 

Embossed Light Brown Suede Belt by Fendi

The combination of an embossed Fendi monogram design and suede leather make this belt the only one you should be looking at for Fall/Winter '18. It exudes luxury in the most subtle way. 

Neon Yellow 35th Anniversary G-Shock Watch by Casio

G-Shock pulls out all the stops in this 35th anniversary watch with its high voltage neon yellow and black color scheme. What used to be worn as just a sports watch can now be dressed up in athluxury, athleisure or simply just semi-casual with a nice bomber jacket.  

Now we can go on showing you the best-of-the-best of Fall 2018, but we'd rather let you browse through the rest of our newest arrivals and discover your own favorites. We'd also like to mention that we NOW have more women's options than ever and will be bringing more in as the weeks and months of 2018 go on!


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